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Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

With a body that gorgeous, you can’t help but wonder if the Adriana Lima plastic surgery rumors are true. She put her first step into the celebrity world by being Victoria Secret’s Angel since 2000. Not only named as the most beautiful and sexy model, she is also the highest paid model in the world.

Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before After Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Adriana Lima Breast Implants Before and After


Adriana Lima herself denies the rumors that she has had plastic surgery for beauty enhancement. Many people say she looks good because of the combination of good genes and plastic surgery. She was rumored to have conducted plastic surgery especially for breast implants, lip enhancements, botox and nose job procedures. She looks fantastic though, like Eva Green.

Breast Implant

As a top model, it’s easy to find pictures that draw her body changes, including her breasts. It’s easy to notice that her breasts have changed both in size and shape. Her breasts are getting bigger and rounder than before. Adriana Lima used to have small breasts that left space on her chest.

As time passed, the empty space on her chest area was reduced, replaced by her big breasts. Yes, today you can see how big and full her breasts are. Gaining some weight is a cliché reason that she delivered regarding the rumor  that she got a breast implant procedure.

Lip Enhancement

See yourself how thick and plump her lips are. She was not bitten by a snake, it’s a lip enhancement of course. Small and thin lips have now changed to the contrary. She has thick, pouty lips now, which give her a sexy and weird appearance at the same time.

Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Picture Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


To keep her skin looking so elastic, Adriana Lima is also rumored to have gone under the needle of Botox treatments. The now 32 year old is feeling the stress of aging in Hollywood. The aging signs have started to show on her face. Botox can help her to prevent and slow the apperance of aging signs such as wrinkles and other lines that would appear on her face and forehead. That’s why she got an elevated and lifted forehead. It also looks smooth and unblemished.

Botox may give tuned and tight facial skin for Adriana Lima. She took small doses only because she looks fine and doesn’t give a stiff expression.


According to some rumors, Adriana Lima was supposed to have several rhinoplasty procedures. But the rhinoplasties seem like the minor procedure here. It’s likely the rhinoplasties helped her to get a pointed nose and make the size looks tinier or slimmer.

Adriana Lima plastic surgery rumors may be true, but there’s no arguing that she is a beautiful and sexy woman. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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