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Alexa Ray Nose Job Rhinoplasty Before After

Most American celebrities who got a nose job have an aim to make their nose narrower and more elegant than they used to have. Alexa Ray was also listed among the celebrities. She was reported that her nose was the result of rhinoplasty.

Alexa Ray Nose Job Alexa Ray Nose Job Rhinoplasty Before After

Alexa Ray Nose Job Before After Picture


Like common case, Alexa Ray used to have a nose with a wider bridge. And after doing a nose job she got her nose narrower and more refine than before. It seems she got a nice work. Many people might think of the reason why she did a nose job.

When she was being asked about her nose, Alexa Ray told the medias that, she did a nose job because she felt that the shape of her previous nose is a bit disturbing. And when she got it narrower, she looked become more confident. She loved the result and impressed with it.

Moreover she also named Heidi Montag as the inspiring person to do the rhinoplasty. Alexa Ray was not only rumored having a nose job, but she was also told having a breast augmentation. This rumor was denied by her mother. She claimed that Alexa Ray has the natural one.

Overall Alexa Ray looked great with her new nose. It’s a nice thing to know she became more confident now. It would be very helpful for her in the industry. What do you think of her work?

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