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Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Too young for plastic surgery, is probably the right sentence to describe Ali Lohan. Of course like her sister does, Ali Lohan also denies the rumor she has the beauty enhancement through plastic surgery. The 20-years-old girl says her mom and her older sister won’t let her conduct plastic surgery this day.

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Breast Implant

Ali Lohan has very tinny body, her weight is only 95 pounds (or about 43 kilograms), but well, she has protruding breasts. The breasts seem rather too big for her body and it is creating the rumor she has the plastic surgery for the breast implant procedure. Her breasts are perfectly rounded and tight. And of course Ali Lohan denies the rumor and contrarily said that her chest is real.

Nose Job

Nose job is another plastic surgery procedure that accused to Ali Lohan. She used to have bulbous nose which now has changed into pinched and smaller one. In the recent picture, you will see that her nose has changed so drastically both in shape and size. Her nasal bridge is getting higher while the upper nasal cartilage also looks smaller.

The nose tip looks more pointed and creating the speculation about the nose job procedure. Ali Lohan denies this matter and said her nose looks sharper and pointed because she is losing some weight and it affected her nose size and shape.


Other thing that makes her appearance is getting worse and older is the botox procedure. There is no clear explanation about it. But the young girl was spotted out from the beauty clinic that handles the botox and facelift procedure. By examining her tight facial skin and her elevated forehead, many people believe that she has the botox procedure done.

Today she is 20 years old but her face looks older than the actual age. She even sometimes looks like woman in 30. Will she follow her older sister’s step, Lindsay Lohan, who ruins her face, body and life?

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