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Amanda Lepore Before and After Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

As everybody knows, Amanda Lepore has multiple plastic surgeries procedure. She revealed that she has been passing through several painful surgeries that changed her body entirely. Amanda Lepore herself said she had been undergone multiple plastic surgeries especially breast implants, facelift and lip enhancement. Beside a lot of procedures she had been done before, she also had an obsession being Jessica Rabbit and Marilyn Monroe. But, well as you can see the result, it seems that Amanda Lepore going too far with multiple plastic surgeries.

Amanda Lepore Before and After Plastic Surgery Amanda Lepore Before and After Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Amanda Lepore Before and After Plastic Surgery


As a transgender, the most spotlighted procedure that had been done by Amanda Lepore is breast implants procedure. She had undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures on the breast area to make it bigger and larger. Many people say that her breasts are too big compared her petite and small body. But, it seems that she didn’t care and said she was really proud with the plastic surgery for her breast area.


To make her face looks like more “women” and disguise or abolish the man facial shape, Amanda Lepore then conducted plastic surgery for the facelift procedure. The facelift not only gives her female looks but also makes her face seems very tight and toned. Don’t be shocked if you see someday Amanda Lepore seems has melting facial skin. It was the result from repeated facelift surgery procedure done.

Lip Enhancement

As explanation above, Amanda Lepore had an obsession to be looks like Jessica rabbit that well known with its sexy body and thick big lip. That is why today she is having very big, thick and plumped lip which is really look like Jessica Rabbit. Her lip seems very swollen and larger compared her cramped facial shape. But, Amanda Lepore said she feels satisfied with her lip that fills her obsession to Jessica Rabbit character.

Amanda Lepore had been through a difficult phase in her life by being  a transgender and undergone multiple plastic surgeries procedure. Do you agree that she is a little bit obsessed with plastic surgery procedures?

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