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Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Botox and Fillers Injection

It’s always interesting to see how an old lady could be a lot younger than her age. Andie MacDowell is a nice example of this case. As many people know that she is actually 55 years old now. But she still looks 15 years younger than her age. Andie MacDowell might have done several works as enhancements. Her ageless look is too strange as a natural work.

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery  Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Botox and Fillers Injection

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Botox Injection

The Botox injection was probably done on her forehead, as the result we could find that her forehead looked so smooth and flawless. This kind of procedure is a common work that many people do. If it was true, Andie had done a very good works. She looked more youthful now without wrinkles and lines. She didn’t overdo with it. It’s just a fine work.

Fillers Injection

Just like Botox injection, the fillers are also possibly injected in her face. She got her face flawless, and fresh. Some parts of her face looked plump. The cheek area looked plump too. She got no sagging skin which commonly appeared on old people’s appearance. Dr. Anthony Yun, a plastic surgeon claimed that Andie might have those injections to keep her youthful look.

Beside those two plastic surgeries, she was also rumored having a nose job ,but it’s still unproven due to the shape also possibly be caused by the makeup or aging effect.

She might be so glad and lucky that the plastic surgeries had helped her so much. She didn’t look old. She got a successful works.

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