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Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

The face of American television journalist, anchor for NBC News, Andrea Mitchell is very familiar for everyone. That’s why when her face seems a little bit changed, people then wonder, is she a bit partying too hard with the plastic surgery?

Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



Andrea Mitchell is not young woman anymore, that’s why people then assumed, to maintain that looks, the most possible plastic surgery procedures that was taken by her is botox. It’s because of her face didn’t showing the indication of major facial procedure done.

However botox must be her secret to fight against the aging. Botox makes her face smoother or at least relaxes the hard wrinkles from her forehead. The botox also helps her to get toned and tight skin especially on the forehead, glabella, mouth and eyes. The botox also disguises the aging lines that probably appear on her mouth and eyes.

Restylane Injection

Andrea Mitchell also accused has the restylane injection. The restylane injection seems helps the botox to work more maximal. It helps to smoothen crease or wrinkles from the inside also believed to remove the dead skin cells.

Andrea Mitchell’s plastic surgery might not the best or the worst one, but she is much better than Jocelyn Wildenstein or Joan Van Ark who botched their own face. So what do you think about the rumor that Andrea Mitchell is partying too hard with plastic surgery?

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