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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants, Botox

Anna Faris, is an American actress that looks a lot different today than she did in the past. It seems she has fallen into the world of plastic surgery. Many people in forums would glad to discuss about her. Based on the rumors blew, Anna Faris probably did  have many plastic surgery procedures including  nose jobs, a breast implants as well as botox injection. Were the rumors true?

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Picture Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants, Botox

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Probably, the nose job is one of the most popular procedures that was done by many celebrities in the world. In her case the rhinoplasty might be done very well on her face. This procedure has made her nose narrower than it used to be.

She looked more beautiful with her new nose. It’s a nice thing to make a fresh image, as long as she didn’t lose herself.

Breast Implants

The size of her breast in recent years seems change significantly. The size which used to be an A cup breast, was successfully done and made it into a sweet C cup breast. With that C cup breast, Anna Faris brought out her sexy image to herself, this might be done to make her more attractive and sexy as an actress. She made herself a sexy side of her.

Botox Injection

Another plastic surgery that she might do is Botox injection. This kind of procedure might be done by her to fight against aging. By doing this procedure she could remove the wrinkles or lines that appeared on her face, especially the forehead.

Talking about the results, Anna Faris has made many people surprised. The plastic surgeries had made her look more beautiful and sexier too. But not all the people would love her new image, some people thought that they loved her past image when she didn’t have any plastic surgery yet.

They also thought that she was more beautiful when she stayed on natural way.

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