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Ashley Greene Nose Job Rhinoplasty Before After Picture

What make the beautiful lady who starred in Twilight brought to this site? It’s due to her recent appearance with a new nose. Many people and fans speculated that her nose was modified with a plastic surgery procedure called rhinoplasty. We guessed this is not just a rumor.

Ashley Greene Nose Job Picture Ashley Greene Nose Job Rhinoplasty Before After Picture

Ashley Greene Nose Job Before After Picture


Her nose seems different from it used to be. The change is significant that made the rumor possibly true. By comparing her previous photo and the latest one, we could find that she got narrower figure.

Unfortunately at the lower side of the tip of nose, it seems the nose job did a wrong part. It looked asymmetrical.

A plastic surgeon, Dr. Sharrel J. Ashton commented that, she got a nice work at the two side of the nose, but she looked weird when we look at her from the front.

How do you see about her work? Is it a nice one, or a poor one?

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