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Aubrey O Day Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Even though Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery rumors lead to controversy among many people, we should say that her plastic surgery seems to be going well and gives good results on her. We can’t deny that this young woman seems transformed so drastically, and of course it is because of plastic surgery. But even though she looks changed, we should admit that she looks prettier and sexier today. This woman may have received advantages from plastic surgery like lip implants and breast implants. Overall, it makes her change so drastically, but she looks good and impressive with it.

before and after Aubrey O Day plastic surger Aubrey O Day Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Aubrey O Day Lip Surgery Before and After Picture


Everybody must agree that her lips look so plump and thick now. Compared to before, her lips seem to look thicker and bigger with a fuller look recently. Judging from the trout and pout appearance, it’s easy to decide that she had collagen or restylane injected there. It added extra volume into her lips which makes them looks so big.

Breast Implants

Aside from a lip implant, this 30 years old woman also has had a breast implant procedure too. The breast implants added much volume into her chest area that makes her breasts larger and wider today. Her breasts look so thick, up and more protruding with almost a perfectly round shape than she used to have. It was reported that her breasts have increased to 34D.  Do you agree that Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery before and after photos make her look better than before? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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