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Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Bar Refaeli is a famous model who has all the the media buzz by her shocking news.  This news was about how her beautiful face and body are unnatural. Her beautiful face and body made by several plastic surgery procedures. So, what kinds of procedure she had? according to some sources, She has had many procedures some of which include breast implants, a nose job and a facelift.

Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery Before and After Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Bar Refaeli Before and After Plastic Surgery


Her second  surgical procedure was done to her nose, she gota nose job. Based on an expert’s statement who says that  Bar Refaeli has had a nose job procedure, it makes the issue spreads in many medias and shocked many people especially her fans. The expert said that her nasal tip looks smaller than it did before. It is very hard to prove that she had rhinoplasty or nose job procedure, but if you take a look at her before and after photos very carefully, you can see that her recent picture shows that her nose looks smaller and thinner than it did before.

Her third and final surgery procedure was a vampire facelift. This issue has been buzzing around social media and media outlets as well as gossip sites.It all started when she post her picture on Instagram. The picture showed that she did have avampire facelift including some juvederm and Restylane treatments. Some sources say that she paid $1,500 for the vampire facelift which is a crazy amount of money..

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