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Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Recently, Barbara Eden admits that she has several plastic surgery procedures. She said she has facelift, botox, and breast augmentation to preserve her youthful looks in her 79 years old. Even, for some people Barbara Eden a bit overdoing it, but she seems doesn’t care and feel satisfied with it.

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Barbara Eden revealed that she has repeated facelift several times to keep his youthful looks. The facelift helps her to avoid saggy skin that may appeared in the face and chin area. Not only that, facelift also helps her to abolish hard wrinkles from her face. The facelift makes Barbara Eden face looks lifted and tight unnaturally and sometimes give her a numb look on her face.


Beside facelift, Barbara Eden had undergone plastic surgery for the botox injection too. It seems that she believes that the combination between botox and facelift are great weapons to against aging. But, she seems a bit overdoing with the botox too that is why her face looks bit swollen in this time. Botox may help her to avoid the forehead from crease and frown, but on the other hand it also gives her unnaturally tight facial condition.

Barbara Eden Breast Augmentation Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Barbara Eden Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Barbara Eden had breast augmentation procedure. The breast augmentation is intend to prevent her breast from the saggy condition due she is getting older now. Her breast that stay toned, up and though are clear indication she may has repeated breast augmentation procedures. Do you think that Barbara Eden is a bit overdoing with plastic surgery?

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