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Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Picture

He is a well known and beloved American film and TV actor.  However the Ben Savage nose job procedure rumors have been spreading for some time. Actually, he did not say anything about the rumor. The transformation shows the difference in his nose from before to now.  His nose looks very different both in size and shape than it used to. The subtle changes though make people believe that the doctor did a good job on his nose surgery.

Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Picture Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Picture

Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Picture


In 2007, his fans said that Ben Savage’s nose looked normal and natural. It looked more bulbous with larger tip and was lower on the nasal bridge. In 2008, his fans stated that his nose looked a little bit smaller and was getting pinched, but they speculated that it was a result of him losing weight. Therefore these are two examples of people noticing nasal changes over years which point to Ben having had multiple surgeries to change his nose slowly and subtly. The next year, the fans said that something had changed in his nose again they had noticed something that was not there before.. It looked smaller and less bulbous once again. This was becoming a yearly things. Finally in 2010 and 2011, the fans said that his nose looked more pinched with a higher nasal bridge and that it was more rounded on the tip. All of this evidence makes people think that he probably had many surgeries over the course of a few years.

Ben was a child star who many young children grew up watching on television. When a celebrity starts their career at a young age, should we as fans realize they are going to grow and mature right before our eyes? When watching Savage grow up, he continues to act and star in many television and movie roles as he grows from a child celeb to a grown man. While his body grows, his figure changes as well. His nose changed shapes and sizes but some people may think he has had plastic surgery.

When there are rumors of someone like Ben changing their facial features, it is very easy to believe. Most movie stars and television actors have a lot of money and access to some of the best plastic surgeons there are. Especially since most of these people spend time in Hollywood where the top doctors are located. Why even get surgery when you are already a star at such a young age? Maybe the star isn’t happy with the way he looks or maybe he wanted to change his appearance so he can become more attractive and land more acting roles. Some people get surgery because they are not happy with a certain part of their bodies.  This could be the case for Ben.

Ben Savage himself did not discuss or admit anything but his fans noticed it, because his nose looks changed both in size and shape. What do you think about Ben Savage’s nose job? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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