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Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Finally American television personality and talk show host, Bethenny Frankel confirmed the rumor that she has conducted plastic surgery. After shut her mouth for the time being, Bethenny Frankel admits she has plastic surgery procedure.

Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Picture Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


But some experts and media accused she conducted plastic surgery especially for the breast implants that makes her feels sexier and hotter than she used to. Well by looking at the result, it seems that Bethenny Frankel should thank to her plastic procedure which gave her benefit of it.

Breast Implants

Bethenny Frankel said that she is satisfied with her new breast today. In her 43 years old, her breast looked tight and tuned. She openly confirmed that she has the breast implant procedure to plump and add the extra volume into that area.

At first, Bethenny Frankel said she had lost weight and she felt that her breast seemed shrink and shaggy. And after gave birth her one and only child, Bethenny Frankel decided to conduct plastic surgery procedure.

That’s why today we can see how tight, round and big her breasts are. Even so, her new breasts suit to Bethenny Frankel’s body. And certainly, she should feel satisfied with those new breasts.

It’s glad to know that Bethenny Frankel is not kind of celebrity plastic surgery denier. Overall her breast looked natural and not overdone at all. Do you agree that Bethenny Frankel’s new breasts perfectly suit to her body? Tell your opinion in the comment box bellow.

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