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Blake Lively Boob Job Before After Picture

Blake Lively, Gossip Girl star, was rumored having a boob job due to her appearance seems different from she used to be. Many people thought that her appearance is too strange to be a natural work. The size of her breast looked bigger and rounder than she had in the past. By comparing the photos spread the changes can be seen obviously.

Blake Lively Boob Job Blake Lively Boob Job Before After Picture

Blake Lively Boob Job Before After Picture


Even though the change of the breast size is obviously changed, this rumor was still debatable. Some people disagree with the rumor, and claimed that the size of the breast seems natural without any plastic surgery done.

Dr. Sherrel J. Ashton is the surgeon who disagrees with the rumor. She thought that there’s nothing change on her breast, she claimed that the breast was natural one.

In the other hand, another plastic surgeon, Dr. David Shaffer got different idea, he said that Blake possibly did a boob job to enhance her breast. She did it very well and looked natural.

Overall, Blake looked so great and sexy no matter if it was done by boob job or not. Many people loved her just the way she was.

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