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Blake Lively Nose Job Before After Picture

Blake Lively is one of the actresses who was close enough to plastic surgery rumors. She was not only rumored having breast augmentation, but she was also rumored having a nose job.

Blake Lively Nose Job Blake Lively Nose Job Before After Picture

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before After Picture


A nose job is one of the most favorite plastic surgery procedures that many celebrities did. A nose job or rhinoplasty can make the best shape of nose that the user wants.

Blake Lively was rumored having a rhinoplasty. Like common rhinoplasty patient, she used to have a wider bridge of nose and a bigger tip. Then after having a rhinoplasty, the bridge of nose had become narrower and the tip got smaller.

In America, having a narrow nose with a smaller tip might be a favorite nose shape. Most celebrity who did rhinoplasty commonly reshapes their nose become narrower like Blake did. Blake’s nose job looked so elegant and match to her face. She looked more beautiful.

What do you think of her work?

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