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Bo Derek Botox Before After Picture

Do you believe that Bo Derek’s age is 57 years old this year? Well, it’s hard to believe that Bo Derek is over five decades this year, while people mistaken her as woman in 30s. Thanks to botox that makes Bo Derek never much changed since we saw her face for the first time when she got her fame for her role in the 1979’s film, 10.

Bo Derek Plastic Surgery Bo Derek Botox Before After Picture

Bo Derek Botox Before After Picture



Botox will be effective to make you looks younger and eager if performed in moderate or proper way. It’s likely that Bo Derek realizes it and performed the plastic surgery for botox in small doses or moderate ways. Bo Derek took botox in this way and seems that it gives so much benefit to her.

When you are looking at her before and after picture, you will see something. Yes, she looks like never changed. It means that Bo Derek is young forever with the benefit of the moderate botox injection.

The botox not only helps Bo Derek to get youthful facial skin but also returning her skin elasticity. Botox seems was injected into the forehead area and the glabela. That’s why her forehead seems smooth and toned, even she got lifted and arched eyebrow as well.

The botox also disguises the wrinkles and aging lines that commonly appear around her mouth and eyes. Plastic surgeon Alex Karadis says, “She looks great but there are a few signs that she may have had Botox. The crow’s feet around her eyes are very smooth – Botox paralyses the muscle so the skin relaxes and smoothes out”.

Bo Derek has a luck fate with plastic surgery. The result seems very fabulous and amazing. So, what do you think about Bo Derek, before and after plastic surgery for Botox?

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