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Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Bob Costas is one of male celebrities who got so much benefits from plastic surgery. Although, he never confirmed anything, her facial looks revealed the secret so clearly. He has conducting plastic surgery especially for the facelift, botox, and facial fillers. Some people say that he has managed well with plastic surgery because though he has been a sportscaster for almost 30 years, he stays young and fresh til now. But, the other people say that he is bit playing too hard with surgery because sometimes spotted with numb and stiffed expression.

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


The botox is the procedure that gives him those smooth, flawless, and almost unblemished facial condition. He has been 62 years old, but we can say that he has a facial skin condition like men in 40. Many say that the botox was injected to the glabela because that part looks stiffed with a little bit elevated forehead too. It may also injected in cheek too because he has no laugh lines yet crows feet there. Overall, botox not only give him youthful looks but also fresh appearance too.


The facelift was combined with botox to removed hard wrinkles and avoid saggy skin appeared on his face. The facelift may makes his facial skin getting toned, bit stiffed and numb too. This kind of procedure may left the painful and numb expression on his face. But you can denied that it also makes his face looks so young and ageless now.

Facial filler

To enhanced his fresh and youthful looks, he may get facial fillers like Restylane or Juvederm too. Those procedures makes the cheek area looks bit plumped and pulled. He doesn’t shows the indication of sunken cheek or saggy skin there which is strengthens the benefit of facial fillers there. Bob Costas plastic surgery may leads pros and cons, but this man seems enjoy the condition though never confirmed anything about it.

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