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Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Britney Spears used to famous for her talents, and that’s the reason why she became a star. But the time is running and everything has changed. Today there are other things that made Britney Spears more famous but in other way, including plastic surgery. She is changing too much, from a cute girl into sexy, mature and wild female singer. And of course, the thing that makes Britney Spears changing so much is plastic surgery.

Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before and After Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Britney Spears Breast Implants Before and After


Breast Implants

The rumor said that Britney Spears already has breast implants since her very young age. People said that she has risen to fame with the breast implants on her. But some sources also said that Britney Spears regretted her breast implant procedure. At first this woman didn’t realize that her chest will grow up someday, and then decided to get breast implant so early.

That’s why after know her breast is growing, Britney Spears then rumored has the breast implant removal. No one knows whether this rumor is true or not because she reminds silent about it.

Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Picture Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Other plastic surgery that makes a big fuss in Hollywood probably is her rhinoplasty procedure, the procedure that changed her nose from a large into smaller and pinched one. Britney Spears didn’t have bulbous nose in the past, but seemed she didn’t satisfy with the less high of nasal bridge. Although she never confirmed her nose job, probably her before and after picture could tell us everything.

Botox Injection

In her 32 years old, her facial condition seems got the botox injected. Her face that extremely tight and shinny are the clear indications of Botox injection. The botox probably was injected into glabella area that made her eyebrow lifted. It also makes her forehead little bit elevated, even the botox helps her to relaxing the frown in that area.

Britney Spears also ever spotted like having masked facial skin caused by her frozen and stiffed face which triggering speculation she is a bit overdoing botox procedure.

Maybe she took plastic surgery as her stress relief though it seems make her changed into something terrible and awful. Do you agree that actually Britney Spears didn’t need any plastic surgery anymore?

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