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Candice Bergen Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

In her 67 years old, some people say that Candice Bergen is still fabulous and aging gracefully. Thanks to several plastic surgery procedures that may help Candice Bergen to looked good and wonderful. This over six decades woman was rumored has undergone plastic surgery for blepharoplasty, botox and facial filers. Even though not the best, but her plastic surgery seems ran well.

Candice Bergen Plastic Surgery Picture Candice Bergen Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Candice Bergen Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Blepharoplasty makes her eyes look wider and larger. It gives youthful looks for Candice Bergen by prevent saggy eyes under the eyebrow. The blepharoplasty also abolishes the baggy or excess fat under her eyes and it create fresh, youthful looks to her appearance.

The botox may also was injected in glabella area that prevents the eyebrow from getting saggy. That’s why her eyebrow looks more arched and higher, but it still natural and not overdone at all. The botox also gives benefit relaxing rough frown on the forehead, makes it smooth and unblemished.

Candice Bergen Plastic Surgery Candice Bergen Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Candice Bergen Plastic Surgery

Facial Fillers

Candice Bergen also rumored got the facial fillers that was injected especially in the lip and chin area. No wonder in her old age, Candice Bergen has trout pout and plumped lips. Not only that, the facial fillers that injected into chin area make it looks more protruding and rounder.


Even didn’t confirm anything, Candice Bergen also rumored has the botox procedure as well. The botox procedure seems very effective to make her aging gracefully. The botox may have injected in the mouth area to abolish laugh lines there. Candice Bergen also got the botox injection in the eyes area to disguise the crow’s feet in that part.

As the result we could see how smooth her face is, while few years from now she will be seven decades old.

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