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Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery Pictures

Carrie Fisher plastic surgery rumors are here to stay. She is known  best for her role in the great movie Star Wars. In that movie, she played the role of Princess Leia. Even if you consider her age and her youthful looks, it seems the beautiful woman has done several plastic surgery enhancements.

Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery Pictures

Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



Sagging skin is a real problem that is cause when we get older. Many women try to do many things to keep looking young. Carrie Fisher might have done a facelift. It was done in order to make her facial skin tighter than before.

It seems the facelift she did went well and isn’t overdone. Her face looks more youthful after the facelift.

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Neck Lift

Some wrinkles on her neck that should appear due to the aging looked decreased, plus the skin in the neck area look tighter too. The combination of the facelift and the neck lift could make her look 25 years younger than her age.

The Eyelid Surgery

The 57 year old actress completed her rejuvenation project using plastic surgeries by doing an eyelid surgery.

On the other hand,  another famous plastic surgeon has said that he would guessed that She also might have had Botox injections and fillers too. The Botox has removed the lines and wrinkles on her forehead, while the fillers made her cheek have a plump shape.

Overall, we think Carrie Fisher received successful works and they made her face look very good for a woman over 50. What do you think of these Carrie Fisher plastic surgery photos?

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