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Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Browlift, Botox, Lip Augmentation

Many people in the forum claimed that Carrot Top, the American comedian that  looks like plastic. Did he go under the knife? By looking at his appearances today, that might be true. His eccentric appearance might be one of the reasons why he was known very well. Moreover, his new appearance could be another reason. According to some medias, Carrot could have some plastic surgeries including a nose job, browlift/botox injection, a laser resurfacing and lip augmentation.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Picture Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Browlift, Botox, Lip Augmentation

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


The possible plastic surgery is the botox injection. We could see that his forehead looked much flawless and smooth. We can’t find any wrinkles. It’s very unfortunate that the botox injection he did looked overdone. The result even looked so weird and strange. He should rethink of the amount of botox that he wanted to use. He got an unnaturally plastic face.

Some people also noticed that the Botox injection might also cause the brow-lift pulled up a bit. But some people claimed that he might do a browlift in a different procedure. Dr. Anthony Youn commented that the botox and brow lift had made his brow looked so excessively arched.

Nose Job

If we compare between his nose in the past and the latest one, we could see that his nose today looked more pointed than before. The shape also looked bigger. It is possibly caused by the nose job.

Laser Resurfacing

This kind of procedure usually made the user’s skin looked smooth without any spot or dead cell left. If we take a look at his appearance shirtless, we could see that his body looked so smooth and flawless. This procedure was done nicely.

Lip Augmentation

Another plastic surgery he possibly did is a lip augmentation, where the lip augmentation had made his lip got a more nutritious and thicker shape than before.

Talking about the plastic surgery result, it could be listed as a fail plastic surgery. Those procedures didn’t make her appearance better. It looks like a funny face. As a comedian he might just need a little joke. Now he got a funny face with plastic surgery though.

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