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Celine Dion Plastic Surgery: Rumor vs Truth

As everybody knows, this singer is naturally beautiful, but there are a lot of people spreading Celine Dion plastic surgery rumors. Actually, it is hard to decide whether she has had plastic surgery or not. It is because this woman looks fabulous and amazing. But, if you take a look carefully, you can see that she had plastic surgery procedures for a nose job, blepharoplasty and botox injection.

Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Before After Celine Dion Plastic Surgery: Rumor vs Truth

Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


A nose job is probably the most spotlighted change that can be seen on Celine Dion’s face. She used to have a less pinched nose but the nasal bridge was already high. It seems that she conducted a nose job to reduce the bulbous looks in the ala and transform it into a pinched look.  A plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden said,  “Celine Dion appears to have had a nicely done rhinoplasty”


To give a youthful and fresh look, Celine Dion may have had a blepharoplasty done. This makes her face looks fresh due the disappearance of baggy or sagging skin under her eyes.


Celine Dion is also rumored to have done regular botox injections to keep her skin’s elasticity. The botox may have been injected in the glabela area because the forehead looks a bit lifted but also very smooth too. The botox also helps her to avoid wrinkles in some areas. What do you think of these Celine Dion plastic surgery rumors? Are they true? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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