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Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

She became famous because her father was president  of the United States, and at the time she was just a teenager. Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery rumors have surfaced in the wake of her new look. She was famous for her braces when she was young but has a different face now.  Many people think that the changes in her appearance are because she grew up.  However, many of the changes cannot be connected to just growing up. There are obvious changes in her nose and chin which cannot be attributed to normal growing up facial changes.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Photo Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Photo


Therefore, the  plastic surgery procedures that she did is not only a nose job, there are other procedures that people believer that she has done. This behavior invited some people to voice their opinions about her new looks. Some say that Chelsea Clinton only needed a nose job procedure and did not need any other surgery procedures.  There are others that think that  both procedures were necessary and that she did a good thing in doing them both. The rumors said that she had a chin augmentation as evidenced by her new facial look. Her jawline is stronger than it was before and it looks better than it did before. Fortunately, she made a good decision again, the surgeon who did the job really did a very good job. As you can see now, her smile is very beautiful, more beautiful than before she had her chin implants. The fillers that were injected to her chin are very balanced and not too excessive. Her face also looks natural and ideal. I guess she got that from her mother, Hilary Clinton.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery

Another opinion from the experts is that Chelsea Clinton also has had a lip augmentation. Dr. Jennifer Walden said that Chelsea may have had some filler injections in her lips too. If we take a look carefully at her lips, we can see normal lips, but if we compare her lips when she was young with now, there are some differences. Her lips are fuller than before and thicker than before. The thing that Dr. Jennifer Walden said was true was that she did lip augmentation to make her lips more thick. She is not a celebrity but she has been in the public eye since she was a teenager. This can cause someone to feel insecure and want to change their looks with plastic surgery. What is your opinions? Are these Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery rumors true?

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