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Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Being an American comedian, the Chelsea Handler plastic surgery rumors weren’t surprising. Well of course this woman never admitted to having plastic surgery done, but some signs on her body and face have revealed everything.

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



Thanks to Botox, Chelsea Handler looks much better, prettier and younger than her real age. At 38 years old, Chelsea Handler doesn’t show any aging signs like wrinkles or saggy skin. Chelsea Handler still has very elastic facial skin, not too tight, and not too saggy. Her forehead seems very flawless and unblemished yet looks normal even if it looks a bit elevated.

The Botox seems to be her secret to disguising the laugh lines and crow’s feet, or other aging lines on her face. She seems take it in a moderate way so she still appears natural.

Dermal Fillers

Chelsea Handler also combined it with dermal filler procedures. These dermal procedures like restylane or juvederm seem able to abolish lines and remove dead cells from her face. The dermal fillers make Chelsea Handler have a shiny and glowing face.

Breast Implant

The newest plastic surgery rumor that was raised concerns Chelsea Handler’s breast implant procedure. It’s because recently this woman was spotted sporting big breasts that looked more protruding and larger than before. Although she has had a breast implant procedure, it seems suitable to her body, and not overdone. Other celebrities like Tiffany Amber Thiessen have managed to tote the line as well.

Chelsea Handler had breast implants probably to add some volume to the membrane tissue and to make her body more proportional. Chelsea Handler plastic surgery is a good example of how it can help you look better as long you never overdo it. So, do you agree that she looks good?

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