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Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Augmentation

Talking about Christina Hendricks, there’s one word to describe her, Sexy. She is so sexy and hot. She was even known as one of the hottest actresses in America. Her appearance today looked a bit different. There are two changes that were obviously seen on her. They are the different nose and the size of her breast.

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Augmentation

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Some people speculated that she might have a nose job in order to make her nose a bit different than before. The change can be seen on the shape. Her current nose was a bit narrower than before. In America narrowing the shape nose had become a trend among them. Many celebrities who got a nose job made it narrower than before. It was said to make the nose to be more elegant and sexy on their face.

Breast Augmentation

Christina Hendricks’ most famous plastic surgery rumor is the breast augmentation. She was told having a breast augmentation. It was seen from the size of her. The breast looked bigger and rounder than before. When she was asked about she did breast augmentation or not, she claimed that she did nothing on her breast. It was natural.

Overall, she looked so great with that appearance, even though she told that her breast was natural, many people seems not believe that. How about you? Do you believe?

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