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Claire Danes Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

An American actress who arose to stardom by portrayed Angela Chase in American teen drama series My So-Called Life, Claire Danes looked fabulous in her 34 years old. Well even 34 is quite young for the Hollywood celebrity, but Claire Danes can’t hide the signs of plastic surgery from her face.

Claire Danes Plastic Surgery Picture Claire Danes Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Claire Danes Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures


Botox Injection

Although Claire Danes is still 34 years old but this woman is already aware with the aging signs that started to appear on a 30s woman’s face. By observing her appearance that free from wrinkles, seems Botox has played its role on her face.

You may see how elevated her forehead is which also free from frown as the indication that Botox was injected there. Claire Danes also has lifted eyebrow as a clear indication that this moderate plastic surgery procedure was done into near the glabellas area.

The botox also helped Claire Danes to abolish crow’s feet around the eyes area that gave her fresh yet youthful looks. The Botox also erases the soft wrinkles like laugh line that gave Claire Danes smooth and glowing facial appearance.

Lip Augmentation

Claire Danes also rumored has lip augmentation due to her plump lips. It seems that her doctor has injected the collagen or dermal filler like restylane into her lip to give that juicy yet attractive lip. Even she never said that her mini trout pout lip is the result of lip augmentation, but the procedure seems works well on her.

Claire Danes is still fabulous as if we see her for the first time of her rise to stardom. Do you agree that actually Claire Danes is looked good and fabulous with or without plastic surgery?

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