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Claudia Lynx Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Not everyone knows about Claudia Lynx name though she’s been speared in many films.  This woman ever named as one of the most beautiful women in the world and has being covers for several magazines. Recently, she  has revealed the that fact not all of her beauty is natural. It was the result from Photoshop, editing and plastic surgery.

Claudia Lynx Plastic Surgery Claudia Lynx Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Claudia Lynx Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture



The botox could be seen from her face that looks like a porcelain doll because it looks so tight, and stiffed yet with frozen expression. The botox may gives her smooth and unblemished appearance but far from something you can called it as normal. Her forehead looks to elevated even her cheek looks bit swollen too because she also use Juvederm and Restylne for the skin rejuvenated too. Though she denies it, the Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer already confirmed it. He said ““Claudia Lynx is a beautiful woman that has used plastic surgery to refine her look.  She appears to use dermal filler to give her lips a little enhancement and botox gives her brows a lift and smooth out her forehead”.


Though Iranian women has pinched nose, but in her case, her nose looks too small and too sharper than common women in her country has. It looks good and pretty because she used Photoshop to disguise the current nose that the result from the nose job procedure done. She may want to gets European or American looks’ nose. But seems that it going too far and the nose unnaturally pinched recently.

Though many people say that her beauty is not natural, but Claudia Lynx plastic surgery gets a lot of appreciation from many plastic surgeons. As common people, we are having different opinion with those expert isn’t it? So, do you think that Claudia Lynx plastic surgery is good or it makes her looks worst?

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