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Did Clay Aiken get Plastic Surgery?

Clay Aiken, originally known as Clayton Holmes Aiken, is best known for his participation in 2003 American Idol. The singer turned politician has been exploring the new world of politics as the Democratic nominee in the North Carolina 2nd Congressional district election.

Clay Aiken plastic surgery  Did Clay Aiken get Plastic Surgery?

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After


The Story His Pictures Tell

Clay Aiken plastic surgery rumors are true! There are very celebrities who come clean about their cosmetic enhancement procedure; however, Clay doesn’t seem to be one of them. In 2012, when Clay showcased his new looks, plastic surgery rumors stirred up. Subsequently, the singer told several acclaimed magazines that he had gotten a liposuction of the chin to reduce the fat around his jaw. This procedure gave the singer a better jaw line and a more angular face.


Clay Aiken Before and After Did Clay Aiken get Plastic Surgery?

Clay Aiken Before and After

Clay explained that he was being operated on for a TMJ(Temporomandibular joint), which is the jaw joint and is a very common procedure, so the singer decided to have a minor liposuction procedure. Clay went to talk about how he found the extra fat in his chin displeasing to his appearance. While, explained his motives and owned up to his decisions, he did not divulge any further information. We, the fans, think it is commendable that Clay owned up to getting plastic surgery for the sole reason of ‘wanting’ something, rather than hiding behind the curtail of sham reasons, such as; healthy eating, medical reasons etc.

The singer has been honest and forward about his life in general, in his best-selling book, learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life, Clay talks openly about his life, which is refreshing as very few celebrities are so forward about their lives. Now, the bigger question is how his personal decision of getting a liposuction is going to be portrayed by the media and exploited by the opposition during his political career.

Clay gained widespread popularity as the runner up for the 2nd season of the American Idol, the shows was widely followed back then, he subsequently signed a recording contract by RCA records. The singer went on to launch several albums, such as, A Thousand Different Ways and Merry Christmas with Love. Ever since his debut into the showbiz, Clay has stayed busy. Clay has guest appeared in several shows, such as, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show. To our surprise he has also authored a New York Times best-selling book by the name of learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life.

In the recent times, Clay Aiken has decided to change his life motto for the bigger good. He has decided to run for the congress from the North Carolina district. The younger singer-cum-politician is quite positive about his career move. He believes that his difficult upbringing has motivated him to work for a better future that is more financially secure for the whole of North Carolina.