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Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Botox, Facial Fillers Before After

Daryl Hannah, is now well known for her role as Elle Driver in Kill Bill, however now, her appearance seems to be getting a lot of criticism.  She has received a lot of horribly bad plastic surgery. Daryl Hannah was listed among the plastic surgery victims. She herself might feel so down after knowing that everything she had expected didn’t run well.

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Picture Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Botox, Facial Fillers Before After

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Facial Fillers

The first procedure she took is a facial fillers injection. She might want to be youthful by doing this procedure. Unfortunately, the plastic surgeon might miss calculation in using the amount of fillers.

Therefore some facial areas on her face turned badly. The cheek, the lips seems like the result of it. She got too plump lips like a fish-mouth, the cheek look too plump as well.

Botox Injections

In her forehead, she got too much Botox injected in it. Her forehead seems too smooth and unnatural. Her face is fully frozen, she might be hard to smile naturally. The Botox itself give the effect on her eyebrow and created a sinister-looking shape.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon commented that what Daryl Hannah had is overdone, the facial fillers and Botox made her face to plump.

In fact, she didn’t get her face become youthful, but she looked a lot older. What do you think of it?

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