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David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

What happen to David Cassidy nowadays? That’s a little question but it can attract many people to discuss. The 1970s  singer was reported having plastic surgeries in order to save his youthful look back today.

David Cassidy Plastic Surgery David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Facelift Before After



For a person who is over 50, there would be several’s of aging signs that appear. One of them is a sagging skin. If we look at David Cassidy’s face, it seems his face is so tight. This could be the result of facelift. This procedure had nicely tighten his facial skin.

Botox injection

The next possible procedure is botox injection that made his forehead become lack of wrinkles. The wrinkles could be easily removed with a botox injection. And he possibly did it. It’s so smooth, and might be too smooth. If the rumor was true, he might need to be wiser in injecting the botox to get the best one.

 Skin Resurfacing Treatments

This procedure is commonly used to fix some skins problem. He might use a laser treatment and made his skin look better and rejuvenated. When he was asked about he did plastic surgeries or not, he claimed that he didn’t do anything. He explained that he take regular exercises and avoid smoke to keep his body healthy.

The people don’t believe it because, they thought that his current appearance might be too good to be a natural result in the age of 60s. What do you have in your mind seeing this case?

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