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David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

David Cassidy is one of the sex symbols in his era. Due to his stardom by portrayed Keith Partridge in the 1970s musical/sitcom The Partridge Family, cute young David Cassidy has transformed into a hot hunk. Today he is one of living legends in Hollywood, however he is not young man anymore. He is 63 years old now. And unfortunately, he pushes himself too hard to be young forever with plastic surgery.

David Cassidy Plastic Surgery David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



His face is absolutely odd, moreover if after you saw his young photos. There is no more word ‘handsome’ addressed to him. He has so tight and toned facial skin today, clear indication of the facelift done. The facelift helps David Cassidy to prevent the saggy skin especially on the chin area. His lifted eyes also may the result of facelift procedure done.

Unfortunately, on his before and after picture, you will see that his face is getting to stiff, and could make people to wonder is he wearing a mask?

The facelift issue actually becomes more blurred since David Cassidy denies it. He said that healthy lifestyle by regular exercise, didn’t smoke either drink alcohol are resulting that youthful appearance.

David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Picture David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

David Cassidy Plastic Surgery


Beside facelift, David Cassidy also may have the Botox procedure. It can be seen from his a bit lifted-forehead that looks so smooth and unblemished. The botox relaxed the frown and wrinkles in the forehead. This popular injection also helps him to disguise the aging signs like smooth line or creases in his 63 years old. Regardless of his feminine looks, many experts appreciate this surgery and said he is looking good with it.

Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. David Shafer tells Make Me Heal, “I agree, David Cassidy does look very plastic lately. He appears to have Botox in the glabella, leading to wide set eyebrows and in the forehead, leading to low-set and peaked brows. He would benefit from less Botox in the forehead and little more in the crow’s feet area.”

David Cassidy is still a legendary actor in Hollywood. And of course his before and after plastic surgery news will lead the controversy. So, what’s your thought about his plastic face?

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