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Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job Before After Picture

She is a world famous actress who is loved and idolized by many people, she has been in the spotlight for many years. It is because she is so famous that people have started to talk about Diane Keaton plastic surgery. Diane Keaton looks so great nowadays, even though just by looking at her you can tell that she is not very young anymore. At the age of 67 years old, Diane Keaton still looked 20 years younger than she actually is. Therefore some people in some online forums speculated that the old lady might have gone under the knife and did some enhancements. The most probable plastic surgery she did is the facelift. Therefore many people think that she has had some work done. Even if she did she still looks very nice and beautiful.

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Picture Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job Before After Picture

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


As everybody knows that a facelift is one of the most popular and the favorite plastic surgery procedure used against aging. Commonly, a person who is over the age over 50 might have sagging skin on her face. Therefore it is usually those over 50 who have this procedure done because they are trying to combat the signs of aging However, in her case, the sagging skin might have been removed successfully with a facelift and she would not have had to have any other procedures. Many celebrities have facelifts multiple times in their career and usually before they are 50 years old, therefore when they get to be 50 plus their skin look over stretched and they no longer look like themselves.  Luckily she waited to get her facelift until she really needed it.

That procedure has made the skin on her face tighter than it used to be. Talking about plastic surgery, to some media she had never revealed her plans to go under the knife. She said that plastic surgery can make someone look better, and for her, the facelift might be the most reasonable procedure that she wanted to do. A facelift at her age is a great way to make a person feel younger and more youthful. However she must be careful to not have too many procedures because that could end up badly.  Having too much plastic surgery can change a person’s appearance so much that their fans will not want to see them in any movies anymore and they will lose their career as an actor. Therefore a small procedure every once in a while is fine but if a person goes overboard then they can ruin their careers and lose the respect of their fans. Nobody wants Diane to look like a different person. There are rumors that she is thinking about having a nose job.

The surgery was done so well and not overdone. She looked younger and looked natural. Dr. Jogh Di Saia, a plastic surgeon commented about her appearance that she might have a nose job too. What do you think of her appearance? Does she look great?

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