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Eva Green Measurements: Real, or Implants?

She is a is a French actress and model that has been in the spot light for some times now because of her beauty and talent. She is one of those women who has a beautiful set of breasts. They are perfect, not only big but also rounded, so what are Eva Green’s Measurements? Has she done anything to change them like have surgery?

Eva Green Plastic Surgery Before and After Eva Green Measurements: Real, or Implants?

Eva Green Breast Implants Before and After Photo


People have been looking at her butt and breasts to see if they can spot differences in them from before and after pictures. It is very difficult to tell if she has had any work done. However people continue to speculate.

It is hard to find the differences between her cup size in the past, and the one she has now. If we take a careful look, they are bigger and more rounded than they used to be. Eva Green currently has a bra size of 34 C, and her bra size before used to be cup size 34 A. Therefore many people will think that she has fake breasts because that is a huge jump in cup size and is probably not due to natural weight gain especially since she is so small and skinny that she has not gained any weight at all. So, what do you guys think? Are Eva Green breasts natural or not? This is quite the drastic change, not unlike Arianny Celeste, so what’s the real story here?

In addition, there is a rumor going around that she did another plastic surgery procedure besides breast implants. It stated that Eva Green had lip augmentation. People think that she has done her lips lately to make them fuller As you know, she has very beautiful lips. Her lips are thick and sexy. So what do you think, are Eva Green’s Measurements real, or was plastic surgery involved? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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