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Donna Mills Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

30 years ago, Donna Mills stole people’s attention by portrayed Abby Cunningham on the soap opera Knots Landing. But although the years have passed, it seems that Donna Mills is still fabulous and amazing until this day. Thanks to plastic surgery that makes Donna Mills looks never ages even if the woman is 73 years old now.

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery Picture Donna Mills Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



The plastic surgery procedure that takes important role to make Donna Mills aging gracefully is botox. Botox is able to keep her skin elasticity as well as helps to disguise crease or frowns that probably appear on her forehead. The same case also happens on the mouth area where botox gives its advantages to abolish wrinkles.

However the magic power of Botox which was injected into the glabella area seems also creates those arched eyebrows. Donna Mills gets much benefit from botox including smooth and wrinkles-free facial looks yet she still looked aging naturally.


Beside Botox, Donna Mills seems got another procedure; facelift. The facelift helps her to maintain the skin tightness and prevent it from getting saggy. The facelift seems makes her facial skin looks so tight, and she can’t hide the stiff expression due to the procedure effect. Facelift seems really effective to maintain her facial skin so that her face looks always tight and young.

Donna Mills’ plastic surgery is probably not the best, but it really gives her much benefit moreover in her over seven decades old. So what do you think about her plastic procedure?

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