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What surgeries has the Duchess of Alba undergone?

When the world thinks about royalty, they think about wealthy, graceful men and women, dressed in elaborate gowns. However, Duchess of Alba, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, beats the stereotype, known for her eccentric fashion sense and her love for plastic surgery; she is not the story book royalty we often imagine. Now a days Duchess of Alba plastic surgery rumors are ablaze again.

Duchess of Alba Before and After What surgeries has the Duchess of Alba undergone?

Duchess of Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After


Despite numerous speculations and rumors Duchess of Alba plastic surgery rumors have never been confirmed. The royalty’s confidentiality comes as no surprise to the paparazzi or the fans, since it is no secret that royalties like to keep their personal affairs away from the media’s and publics prying eyes. Alba’s royalty has found it incredibly hard to keep the duchess’s antics under the wrap, since the duchess has a taste for flamboyant attires and expensive art; it is hard to keep her from getting the media’s attention.

The duchess who is famous for laying claim to the maximum number of titles in the history is also one of the richest women in the world, or let’s say was, since she decided to distribute her children’s heritance before her death so she could marry for the third time. The duchess is obscenely rich and she owns a remarkable amount of wealth in form of castles in Spain, land all over the world and expensive art pieces.

Duchess of Alba Plastic Surgery What surgeries has the Duchess of Alba undergone?

Duchess of Alba Before and After

In the recent times, the Duchess was photographed sporting a floral flamboyant two piece bathing suit, along with her younger husband, Alfonso Díez Carabantes. The duchess looked content with her look. In 2008, when rumors surfaced of the Duchess of Alba’s intentions to remarry, there was strong opposition from the duchess’s family; however, the duchess solved the matter by giving her children their inheritance in advance. Since the main objection of the family to the union was redistribution of wealth to the future husband, after this solution there were no qualms. The duchess married Diez in the October of 2011, after which Diez renounced all claims to Duchess’s property. Most recently, the Duchess was seen travelling around the globe with her husband, after all the 84 year has a love for travelling and a taste for expensive art!

As commoners it is exciting to imagine what being a royalty must feel like. Having so much fame, glamor and wealth must be wonderful, however, we hope the duchess does not spend anymore of her wealth on plastic surgery procedures as they are not doing her any good. It’s time for nature to take it’s course, Your Highness!