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Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Dyan Cannon was well known as one of Hollywood sex symbols in 70s, and now this woman still look fresh and youthful in her old age. She admits that she may a little bit too relay on plastic surgery as her secret to against aging. By observing her before and after pictures, she may has undergone plastic surgery for the liposuction and facelift procedure. And, it seems that in her 77, she without any doubt will repeated the procedures again.

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Since a long time ago, Dyan Cannon well known with her sexy hourglass body. Many people say that beside her pretty face, her sexy body is also the weapon to conquer Hollywood. But, like any other human being, she may experienced gaining weight too especially after giving birth her daughter. But to abolish excess fat from her body, she may conducting liposuction several times. The liposuction may be performed in the thighs and arm area. Liposuction gives her amazing and fabulous body shape that still can be seen in this day.


In her 77 years old, it is hard for us to find the wrinkles on her face. The facelift procedure makes Dyan Cannon looks like woman in 40. Her face remain soft and smooth and almost unblemished too. The facelift gives benefit for her to avoid saggy skin especially in the chin area. The facelift also gives Dyan Cannon younger appearance and make her looking very fresh too.

Even many people said that Dyan Cannon a bit relay to much with plastic surgery, but she got so much benefits from it. Do you agree that she  actually not too overdo plastic surgery because she is looking good this day?

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