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Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Emily Blunt is really pretty and mesmerizing, but did you know that many believe that her beauty is fake or plastic? Yes recently there are many rumors which said that Emily Blunt actually has conducted plastic surgery procedure for the beauty enhancement. It can be seen from her before and after picture that is widely spreading on the internet.

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Nose Job

When first we see her before and after picture, we can say that Emily Blunt has nose job or rhinoplasty procedure. Emily Blunt used to have the bulbous type of nose. Her nose quite wide in the upper nasal cartilage with the nostril that looked big as well.

Since rise to stardom, we know that her nose slightly changed both in its shape and size. Look at that pointed tip, crafted upper nasal cartilage and smaller nostril. Those make her nose looks pinched and tinier than before but it suits to her face so well. Although Emily Blunt hard to admits it, her before and after picture already revealed the rumor of the rhinoplasty procedure.

Lip Augmentation

You will agree that Emily Blunt is having photogenic yet sensual lip which is very juicy and fabulous. But some say that her lips are the result of the lip augmentation procedure. She got the lip augmentation to get thick, juicy and trout pout like she has now. That’s why from the before and after picture, you can see her thin and small lips now transformed into something thicker, larger but yes it suits to her facial shape naturally.

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Picture Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery

Facial Implant

It has taken the name facial implant as one of several plastic surgery procedures that done by Emily Blunt. The facial implants including her chin and cheek area that can be seen clearly from her facial shape changes. Emily Blunt gets the chin implant to make it longer and protruding than before. While the cheek implant, to make the cheek bones look larger and tougher but still very subtle and not overdone at all.


Emily Blunt is still 30 years old, but her face showing the indication she gets the facelift procedure done. The facelift actually helps Emily Blunt to maintain the tone of her facial skin, but sometimes it doesn’t help her, she even sometimes looks older than her actual age.

Even though the facelift makes her face looks tight, toned and free from soft wrinkles and lines, yet it seems so hard to hide that frozen expression there.

Emily Blunt actually is very pretty, even without nip and tuck that seem unnecessary for her since she is still 30. However, it’s likely that plastic surgery helps her well to maintain her beauty. Well, do you agree that Emily Blunt is much better after the surgery compared than before?

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