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Harry Poter Emma Watson New Nose?

The Harry Potter star, Emma Watson is one of the most popular actresses of this generation. The petite child-star has grown to be quite an impressive young woman. Recently, Emma Watson Nose Job rumors are circling the block. The young Brit actress has become a wonderful role model for the younger generation.

Emma Watson nose job before and after Harry Poter Emma Watson New Nose?

Emma Watson Nose Job


How True Are Emma Watson Nose Job Stories?

In the light of Emma’s recent pictures, gossip-mongers and tabloid writers have begun speculating Emma Watson nose job endeavors. However, from the pictures it is quite evident that the alleged nose job is fallacy, without any shred of truth in it. Emma has grown under media’s strict scrutiny and a procedure such as a nose job would not go unnoticed, besides she has a perfectly narrow nose that compliments her face. Speculating that may be true is maybe completely off the mark.

The stunning star and model has not made any comments denying or accepting the alleged nose job accusations. If Emma Watson nose job did happen, we as fans, support Emma’s decisions, we also believe that she is a role model for the younger generation and may want to tread lightly when it comes to dire decisions such as; plastic surgery. After all, what message does it send to her young fans?

From the pictures featured in the article, it’s easy to see that the rumors are not true. The actress may have become more graceful and poised since her Harry Potter days, there is little to no evidence of plastic surgery. If we compare the alleged plastic surgery before and after pictures, it is quite evident that the star sports the same petite nose, with a sharp outline and a small nasal bridge. Therefore, we conclude that the actress has not undergone any plastic surgery!

Emma Watson Plastic Surgery Before and After Harry Poter Emma Watson New Nose?

Emma Watson Plastic Surgery

Emma in Other News

In recent times, Emma has talked quite candidly about the recent hacking and leaking of notable female actresses’ nude pictures. She has also spoken quite impressively at the United Nations in September, the Woman Goodwill Ambassador spoke about feminism and equality. Since then her He for She campaign has gone viral, with numerous celebrities endorsing it, and praising the actress for aspiring speech and the publicity and awareness she brought to the cause.

Emma has had a long and fruitful career. The 24 year old star and model has successfully shed her ‘Hermione granger’ image and stepped into the sex symbol that she is, today. The star has modelled for brands, such as, Lancôme and Burberry. After working in the Harry Potter sequel, the actress starred in famous projects such as, the Perks of Being Wallflower and a Bling Ring.