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Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Erica Durance may a good example of plastic surgery due to her fabulous and amazing appearance. Well, although Erica Durance didn’t say a word about the plastic surgery, but her appearance could tell us everything. Lucky for Erica Durance because she gets good fate with plastic surgery that makes her looks fabulous in her 35 years old.

Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


But still, to the media she denies it and said healthy eating style by eating dozens broccoli everyday and hard exercise are her secret to get tight, toned body like she has now.

Breast Implant

Since her fame after portrayed Lois Lane in series Smallville, Erica Durance named as one of the sexy women in this decade. That’s because she has proportional body shape with quite protruding yet not oversize breasts. Erica Durance even named as the woman who blessed with perfect breast that make people wonder, is it real or the result of breast implant procedure?

Erica Durance used to have medium breast but now it’s getting bigger and fuller. The size seems increased some cups, yet the shape are getting perfectly rounded as well. Erica Durance herself denies the rumor and said that Pilates or another exercise is her secret to maintain those breasts.

Nose Job

While Erica Durance denies her plastic surgery rumor, you could see from her then and now condition that she may put herself under the knife for rhinoplasty procedure. Erica Durance used to have bulbous nose, but after the time passed it changed especially in its size and shape.

That bulbous nose of her has changed into something pinched and tinier. She used to have larger upper nasal cartilage or ala of nose with quite wide in the nostril too. And she seemed did not comfortable with that, Erica Durance may has plastic surgery for nose job done. Her nose tip is getting better, suits well to her face.

Erica Durance may deny the plastic surgery rumor, but she can’t hide the traces from her body. However, you may be agreeing that Erica Durance is looking good with plastic surgery, don’t you?

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