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Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Eva Mendes nose job speculation becomes an interesting topic though it was floated her life since long time ago. This woman actually has been becomes the object of plastic surgery rumor for very long time. This topic will talk about the plastic surgery that been done by her for the nose area. The actress who rose to stardom through her role as Sara Harris in Training Day, wont claim anything about the plastic surgery for the nose job rumor. But, it is easy to compared her before and after picture to see whether she got plastic surgery for nose job or not.

Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery Nose Job Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Eva Mendes Nose Job Before and After Picture


The nose job rumor was spreading to the public after people noticed that the lower nasal cartridge of her nose looked narrower compared than before. She has Cuban descent on her nose which is blessed her with a little bit piggy and bulbous nose as you can seen in her debut films years ago. But as long she was rises to popularity, that bulbous nose has been disappeared at all. It seems that surgeon has been craved the nose and makes it looks pinched yet slimmer than before.

The lower nasal cartilage or the ala part looks so cramped with triangular looks compared than she sued to had. The ala is getting smaller with pinched and defined nasal tip which is make it looks more protruding, pointer and rounder. Eva Mendes has her own right to denies the rumor of nose job procedure, but she cant hide the prof that already seen so obviously.

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