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Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

 The subject of Fan Bingbing plastic surgery speculation is kind of interesting topic. She may be one of the Chinese actresses who are quite successful internationally. Her pretty face leads to speculation that she has conducted plastic surgery procedures. Based on some sources, she is rumored to have had plastic surgeries for a nose job and chin implants. Even thought the speculation is getting wilder, until now she still remains silent in response to the rumor.

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Among the speculation, the nose job may be the most spotlighted one. Fan Bingbing has been rumored to have a nose job during her long career in the film industry. She used to have a flattened nose with very wide ala and a high nasal bridge. During her career the bridge got higher, her nose looks more pinched too. Her nose looks thinner and slimmer with a higher nasal bridge. The ala part looks like it’s getting cramped with a more rounded and pointed tip than before. Her nose looks so subtle and well defined. It adds to the beauty of her face.

Chin implants

Fan Bingbing is also rumored to have plastic surgery for a chin implant procedure. The chin implant makes her face look more oval. She used to have a square facial shape. The chin implants add extra size to her chin. She didn’t say too much to explain the plastic surgery rumors. It seems many people agree that she is looking good after the plastic surgery.

Do you agree that the Fan Bingbing plastic surgery rumors are true?

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