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Gackt Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Gackt Camui may never have said a single word regarding the plastic surgery rumors that have surrounded him, however his before and after pictures have said more than words could ever say. Therefore Cackt Camui plastic surgery rumors has been everywhere recently.

Gackt Plastic Surgery Gackt Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Gackt Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Nose job

First of all, he might have had a nose job surgery to fix any imperfections he saw with his own nose.   The nose job has transformed his bulbous and a bit flatted nose to what is now a pinched condition. As you compare his before nose job pictures, you will realize that he had wide and less pointed nasal tip. The lower nasal cartilage looks so wide with flatted and not protruding nasal tip area. However as you see his after nose job picture, his nose looks so protruding with a sharp and pinched condition. The lower nasal cartilage looks cramped with rounder and even pointer in the tip area. Overall, the nose job looks so subtle and smooth that makes every people impressed to it. He chose well when he decided to have this procedure.  His surgeon was very skilled because a bad nose job can really ruin a person’s face and career. Also it is good to have a subtle nose job because having too big of a change to your face can ruin a famous person’s career forever. If they are no longer looking like themselves then their fans will not want to see them in anything and they will lose work.

Eyelid surgery

This famous actor has also had the eyelid surgery because his eyes look very wide and big now compared to what they looked like before. He did not do only one but it was definitely a double eyelid surgery. As you look at  him now, he looks like Bishi a character from the manga who jumped to the real world. Having good looks as well a little bit feminine facial appearance with big and wide eyes as you see from the Bishi anime and manga. It makes people appreciate him and say he was one of the most beautiful men in Japan. However if he chooses to continue having plastic surgery he might not continue to look so good. There can be problems and complications from having too many procedures that he should be careful about not doing or else he could lose his career and fans.

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