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Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

She became a famous television personality and journalist, therefore she is always in the spot light. Recently, Giuliana Rancic plastic surgery procedures have come to light. People have noticed changes in her appearance, especially her face. Beside her controversial double mastectomy, she also has had plastic surgery done especially the following procedures: Botox, lip augmentation and a nose job.

Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture



Many people say that Giuliana Rancic’s appearance changed drastically due to Botox procedures. The Botox gave her skin on her face a toned look and helped to remove the wrinkles that were started to show on her face as well. The Botox gives her a very youthful look.  This is because all of the the laugh lines, crows feet and the frown lines were gone from her face. Not only that, the Botox also gave her a new and different look. She looks much happier and less tired than she did before. This procedure has worked well for her because she has not over done it at all. She has made herself look really great.  Hopefully she does not overdo the Botox because it can harm  her looks if she does to much of it.

Lip Augmentation

Giuliana Rancic also had lip enhancement procedures done. Today, her lips are looking more plumper, fuller and thicker. Compared to before, her lips may be swollen rather than filed. That is why she was rumored to have had injected collagen or maybe juvederm into her lips. She much pay attention to how many times and how much she does these procedures because a person who does this too much can end up with unnaturally large lips which look horrible and can end her career. She must try to maintain a natural look so that she does not upset her fans and become fake looking.

Nose Job

Giuliana Rancic used to have a bulbous nose that looked wide and big. Her nose looked wide and big but the nasal bridge looked less high. It makes her nose seems very bulbous and affected her confidence. That is why today you will see that her nose looks pinched and smaller yet cramped the nasal bridge area. It gives her a pointed tip and more defined nasal shape. She must feel more confident with this nose. The changes are not very big and they suit her face therefore she did a good job in not changing her look too much. celebrities should always pay attention to how they change their looks because of their fans reactions. They should not upset their fans and having a bad procedure can do this.

She has had to go through a double mastectomy for health reasons, that is why the Giuliana Rancic plastic surgery rumors don’t bother her.

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