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Glenn Close Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection, Fillers Injection

Glenn Close plastic surgery rumors have kicked in since is no longer a young woman, She is 66 years old now, but she doesn’t look like it. What has she done to make herself look so youthful? Many people noticed that she might resort to plastic surgeries. By comparing her photos before and after, it looked like she did some procedures including Botox injections, filler injections and a nose job too.

Glenn Close Plastic Surgery Picture Glenn Close Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection, Fillers Injection

Glenn Close Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Considering her age which is 66 years old, it’s not surprising that a woman her age does plastic surgery, especially in America. The Botox injections seems to have worked great. The wrinkles that commonly appear on someone’s forehead can’t be found. The wrinkles and lines seem to have been removed by the Botox. The results are good and not overdone.

Fillers Injection

The second procedure that she possibly did was filler injections. Doing this procedure could help the user to refresh their look. In Glenn’s case, she probably injected her cheek and an area around her eyes with fillers. She got plump cheeks that made her look youthful, while around her eyes the sagging skin has been removed.

Nose Job

Another Glenn Close plastic surgery was a nose job. You might be hard pressed to find the difference, but if you take a closer look, you might see something on the tip of her nose, it looks smaller than it was.

Glenn Close so far has benefited from plastic surgery. Those procedures were not overdone. She is not like other celebrities who were too obsessed with being youthful and made their self look plastic. She could be an inspiration to other plastic surgery users.

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