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Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

The topic about Goldie Hawn plastic surgery is very interesting and many people in Hollywood news love to talk about it. As everybody knows, her age is about 68 year old, but it seems that this woman never changed much compared to when she managed to steal peoples attention in television’s Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. It strengthens the indication that Goldie Hawn can get so much benefits from plastic surgery. She may be conducting plastic surgery for breast augmentation, lip implants and botox. But, above all she only admits breast implants which she confessed on her biographical book. Goldie Hawn is still keeping the other two procedures a secret.

Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Before and After Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Goldie Hawn Breast Augmentation


Through her biographical book, Goldi Hawn confessed that she has been undergone plastic surgery for breast augmentation procedure. Based on her book, she got breast augmentation done to add an extra volume into the chest area. It gives her that protruding breast that still though and toned even though she isn’t younger anymore. Even her breasts looked bigger but it still very normal and add the sexiness look for her appearance. Goldie Hawn plastic surgery photos prove the truth!

Lip Implants

Goldia Hawn may also habe lip implants, through Restylane or Juvederm to get that taunt, fuller and larger lip. The thick and fuller lip becomes an interesting topic among the media and plastic surgery specialist. Many people believe that she has lip implant one due her lip that looks so trout pout. Dr. Paul S. Nassif said that Goldie Hawn shows the clear result of the lip implants on through the filler. He also said ” “Goldie Hawn may have had filler injected to her lips, as they do appear more potty in certain photos. Overall, if filler was injected, it was not too overdone. Her look still appears natural.”

Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Similar like lip implants, Goldie Hawn plastic surgery also did not say anything regarding she got the botox or not. But even she did not said anything, her fabulous and gorgeous appearance seems clear result that botox was palsy important role there. Her face looks unblemished and seems very toned yet so soft too. There are some soft creases there but it adds the graceful look on her face. It seems that this woman also not overdoing botox because she is still looks natural and normal. Goldie Hawn is amazingly pretty, that is why many people say that she actually do not need too much plastic surgery to preserve that beautiful looks.

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