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Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Bollywood senior actress Hema Malini plastic surgery rumors have been on the rise. Based on some sources, she had at least two procedures of plastic surgery. This woman has been rumored to receive benefits from Botox and a nose job. But, unlike Hollywood celebrities who have mostly admitted to the rumors, this actress has silently denied the rumors of plastic surgery. Even though she denies it, her fans and the media noticed slight changes that can be seen especially in the facial area. We know that age affects women in specific ways, not even Joyce Meyer can hide it.

Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


At 65 years old, Hema Malini’s facial skin is toned and tight. It seems that this woman has never aged at all. If you take a look carefully at her, you will see that this woman is unable to make a move in her face. It seems that her face looks numb, frozen and almost expressionless. Besides, the Botox seems to make her face look unnatural. Some people say that she is overdoing it with plastic surgery for Botox injections.

Nose Job

Hema Malini is also rumored to have had a nose job procedure. Her nose looks like it’s changing in size triggering the speculations about plastic surgery procedures or a nose job (rhinoplasty). As you can see now, her nose is less bulbous than before. Not only that, her nose looks slimmer and thinner which created a pinched look in the tip area. Do you believe the Hema Malini plastic surgery rumors?

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