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Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job, Liposuction

He became famous for his voice and radio shows with his shocking questions and something annoying as well as rude demeanor. Howard Stern plastic surgery rumors are rising lately after people saw his latest appearance. He is now on television as a judge in a talent contest show, therefore many people have been looking at him on television recently and noticing that he has really changed. At his age of 59 years old, he looks so obsessed with becoming youthful. He had plastic surgeries done to get the best look possible and because now people can see him. Before he was only on the radio and now he is being seen by many people on a weekly basis.

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job, Liposuction

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



The first thing that he did was a facelift. This procedure has made his skin look tighter than before. Unfortunately, it seems the facelift he did was really too tough on his skin. His face looks frozen now and it is emotionless unlike before when he had a very expressive face. The facelift he did was obviously unnatural. Many people were disappointed in his decision. They said that he would have been better off staying natural than going under the knife.  He looks very different than he did before and this has angered some of his fans. They feel that he has sold out and become too Hollywood instead of making fun of everything Hollywood he is becoming a part of it.

Nose Job

Talking about his current nose, it seems Howard has had a nose job to to reshape his nose. He used to have a wider nose, and after the rhinoplasty, Howard got a better looking nose. It looks narrower than before. This procedure might be the best plastic surgery he ever did.

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Picture Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job, Liposuction

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery


The third plastic surgery he did is liposuction in the area of his chin apparently. He is known as the King of All Media, Howard Stern also did it so that he could remove the fat  that was under his chin. Now, he no longer has the double chin. He looks slimmer for sure.

Besides the failed facelift, he actually did some nice things that made him look better. He is so unlucky that the plastic surgery did not go as he had expected. He got an overdone facelift. We think that he needs to stop doing any  more plastic surgeries, before he looks much worse.

What do you think of the Howard Stern plastic surgery before and after photos? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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