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Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

As everybody knows, the netizens, haters and lovers agreed that Hyoyeon SNSD has conducting plastic surgery procedure to enhance her appearance. She may inspired from her friends like Yoona, Jessica and Seohyun that also conduct the same thing. The result of her plastic surgery seems working well on her. She looks even better and prettier with new nose which more pinched and well defined this day. Many people agree that her nose job enhanced her pretty looks and she should not denies it. But some people also agreed that this 24 years old woman forced to denies the plastic surgery due her management, S.M. Entertainment forbids their actress to talk about the cosmetics procedure.

Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job


As everybody knows, actually she used to had a bit piggy and bulbous nose. Her nose looked flat and wide with wide nostril, large upper nasal cartilage and lower nasal bridge. But along SNSD getting more famous, her fans noticed that her nose has been reconstructed now. It looks so subtle and well defined with pinched, slimmer and pointed look. The nostril looks smaller with cramped upper nasal cartilage and higher nasal bridge. The tip also getting rounder with more pointed looks compared than before. So, what your opinion about Hyoyeon plastic surgery before and after nose job?

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