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Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery Cheek Implants, Eyelid Surgery, Botox

Jack Wagner, the actor who is known well for his role in soap operas recently becomes people’s topic due to his youthful look. Jack Wagner looked a lot younger than his age, 54 years old. He looked 20 years younger than his age. By comparing his previous photo with the latest one, we could see that there are two obvious changes on her face. They are the eyes, and the cheek. Jack might have eyelid surgery and cheek implants.

Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery Picture Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery Cheek Implants, Eyelid Surgery, Botox

Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


The first possible plastic surgery he did was eyelid surgery. This procedure was done in order to make his eyes looked youthful and fresh. This procedure had taken a way the wrinkles or sagging skin in the eyes area. Nowadays, Jack had got more youthful eyes. He did a very good job, not overdone.

The Cheek Implants

Beside the eyelid surgery, Jack Wagner was also reported having cheek implants. If you look at him more intensively, you will find that his cheek look more plump and fuller. By having the fuller cheek, he looked better and more youthful.

Besides those two procedures, Jack was also ever rumored having a Botox injection because of his wrinkleless forehead.

Overall, unlike other men celebrities who went under the knife, he got it great. He had done the plastic surgeries successfully and not overdone with it.

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