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Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

She is an American actress and now a businesswoman. She is famous for being one of charlie’s angels and starring in the television series while it aired in the late 70s are early 80s. She then started her own companies and started to develop and sell different things like clothing and perfume.

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Picture Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


She still looks fabulous and aging perfectly. I mean, thanks to plastic surgery that cuts her appearance by the half of her real age. Well, Jaclyn Smith never clearly admitted that the rumor was true, she has had plastic surgery to get those fabulous looks. She also said she is not against plastic surgery. Just by looking at her you can see that she has had some procedures done.  However we have to look at he pictures to see if we can tell which she has or has not had done.

However, if the rumors of plastic surgery are true, it is likely that Jaclyn Smith is one of the best examples of plastic surgery ever. She seems wise enough and did it in a moderate way. Therefore, she does not look completely unnatural as many actresses do her age do after their procedures.

Speaking further about the procedures she had done, Jaclyn Smith herself insinuated that she had plastic surgery procedures like a facelift, botox injections, facial fillers and chemical peels. These were all performed in moderate ways to give an amazingly youthful look to Jaclyn Smith’s face.


A good example of botox injections can be seen on Jaclyn Smith, judging by how smooth and tuned her face is. As I said before, Jaclyn Smith is aging gracefully because botox injections help her to refine the wrinkles on her forehead. The botox also make her face look smooth and relaxed.

The smooth lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet and frown lines that appeared as signs of aging are also disguised by botox injections. You can no longer see any of them.  Of course Jaclyn Smith took it in moderate and small doses so she didn’t show the frozen and weird looks that have been known to happen.

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery


Not only botox, Jaclyn Smith also combined injections with facelifts and fat grafting which will keep her face from shrinking or sagging. The facelift avoids saggy skin that commonly can be seen in the chin area. It also makes her eyes a bit lifted but still very natural and not overdone.

The facelift that was combined with fat grafting, according to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, will make her face looks so soft and tight, and if taken in moderate ways, the results will be like Jaclyn Smith’ case.

“I think that Jaclyn Smith looks fantastic. She looks like an older Katherine McPhee. It appears that she’s had a facelift with fat grafting,” said Dr. Youn. Many women have been able to age gracefully with the help of plastic surgery though, take for example, Emily Deschanel, who is looking great for her age.

Facial Fillers

Jaclyn Smith has also been rumored to have facial fillers as well. The fillers were injected into her lips and chin area. That’s why even though she’s is almost 70,  her lips are still full. She is a great example of how to do plastic surgery properly. She should be the bench mark for people when they decide to have work done. They should look at her are copy what she has had done and how she did it.

Unfortunately, Jaclyn Smith denies the rumors of plastic surgery and says that she is aging naturally. She is probably afraid to speak out and tell the world about her procedures because they are still frowned upon in Hollywood even thought everyone has them done. No one every speak about it even those who look very unnatural. While that may be true, Jaclyn Smith’s plastic surgery has helped a bit. Do you agree with the opinion that Jaclyn Smith is never aging with the help of plastic surgery? How much do you think she has done? Tell us in the comments!

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